Fly Catcher

Flycatcher Adventures – We Create Wonderful Memories

The name of our Eco-club ‘Flycatcher’ is inspired by the bird ‘Paradise Flycatcher’. This is a very dignified bird species & we will provide the same dignity in our tours. Flycatcher Adventures Pvt. Ltd. is just not a company for Wildlife, Adventures or Leisure Tours, but it’s a medium to explore your liking of nature. We have started this Eco-club for those who like to be a part of nature, so our tag line is ‘Be a Part of Nature’.

Fly Catcher Adventures, as the name suggests, is a company venturing into all kinds of adventures, from wildlife safaris to river rafting and from trekking to a range of leisure activities. We help you explore your adventurous side and get closer to nature with a plethora of sporting, hiking and trekking events.

A group of like-minded, qualified people from diverse backgrounds sharing a passion for wildlife, nature, photography and environment conservation have come together and formed this company. The name of our company is inspired by a very dignified species of bird called ‘Paradise Flycatcher’.

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