Water Sports in Dandeli

If you are fond of adventure, Dandeli is the place for you. Dandeli offers the following adventurous activities in its scenic background which certainly will rejuvenate your body and soul. Get the best Dandeli holiday packages now along with  water sports in dandeli !

Top Water Sports In Dandeli

WHITE WATER RIVER RAFTING : If you are fond of adventure, Dandeli is the place for you. There is a choice between a 9-km run that lasts for over four hours and a shorter run that is almost half the other, keeping in mind both seasoned rafters as well as amateurs.
You go upstream in a jeep first and then get basic how to of white water river rafting in dandeli. Thereafter you are taken aboard an inflatable boat and the fun begins! While at places the water is calm, at other places it is everything but calm and you are sent plunging down the river. You are in safe hands since experts accompany you. White water river rafting in dandeli is said to be among the beautiful and thrilling Water sports in dandeli and among the most preffered activities in dandeli.

KAYAKING : Kayaking in dandeli is another one of the water sports in dandeli which is usually conducted in the Supa reservoir, which is a man-made reservoir that spreads over a huge area making it seem more like a sea. There are small islands in between where you can camp in absolute privacy since the entire area is un-inhabited.
For first time kayaks the experience can be slightly humbling for balancing the narrow boat, especially when you need to move in sync with another person in the boat – your instructor. Get set to paddle away to glory and have a lot of fun while enjoying this unique experience.

ZORBING : Zorbing is the recreation or sport of rolling downhill inside an orb, generally made of transparent plastic. Zorbing in dandeli is generally performed on a gentle slope, but can also be done on a level surface, permitting more rider control. In the absence of hills some operators have constructed inflatable, wooden or metal ramps.

CORACLE RIDE : Feel the spine chilling shiver of adventure as you are tossed like a rag doll over the bubbling waters in the unique and sturdy native saucer-shaped ‘coracles’ that are made of bamboo and tanned buffalo hide. These are built especially to navigate these turbulent rapids in this area – being round they don’t topple easily.
You are bound to be distracted from bird watching as you hear a loud splash ahead of you – you will need to strain yourself to discern a crocodile tail before it vanishes underwater. Do not despair; you will see lots more of them basking in the sun on the numerous islets dotting the river on your coracle ride in dandeli.Beautiful ride among the other activities in dandeli.

JUNGLE SAFARI IN OPEN JEEP : Take our Jungle Safari in an open jeep in dandeli to soak up every bit of the rugged experience that is Dandeli. The main bird species here include Indian and a large variety of other birds and there is no better time to watch each of them in their natural habitat than on such a safari.
One of you may need to volunteer to walk ahead of the jeep to clear the way on a very foggy day. The thick vegetation and undergrowth in Dandeli makes it difficult to sight animals easily though they are present here in good numbers. Bison and a couple of Malabar Giant Squirrels are commonly spotted.

NATURAL JACUZZI RAPIDS : In today’s day and age where all things natural are a fad, why leave a natural Jacuzzi behind? You get to experience this all natural jacuzzi in dandeli – a rejuvenating massage from the hosts themselves: the rapids of the river Kali. In order to witness this rare phenomenon you need to travel to one of the islands near Dandeli.
A short boat ride thereafter will take you to the premises where nature is at its therapeutic best. The random gushing stream suddenly seems to know how to custom create a unique massage session for you. Enjoy the massage thoroughly – it’s free!

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