5 Best Places to visit in Dandeli

Dandeli is a beautiful town in the western Indian state of Karnataka. There are dense forests, rivers, valleys, hills and more. It is an ideal vacation spot for families. It is well-connected by air, road and rail and thus peoples from all over the world visit this best place in dandeli to enjoy some great time with friends and family. Dandeli offers the ideal location for indulging in adventure sports. Enjoy some relaxing time in the company of nature in Homestay in dandeli and have fun with the best activities in dandeli. Choose your holiday destination in dandeli a best destination for life time. Here are the best 5 dandeli attractions that you can spend some time in while you are in Dandeli.

1.Kali River

dandeli kali river
Kali River is one of the most important, rivers in Karnataka as it is a means of livelihood to the locals staying in the area. It is also a source of electric power as several dams are built in the river to generate power, including the Supa Dam. Kali River is also one of the most popular destinations for water sports in dandeli such a kayaking, white water rafting, canoeing and more. River is a scenic beauty at moulangi. It is also just 125 kms away from Goa, and thus many foreign tourists too visit the area. The river is known by the name Kalinadi in the local language.

2.Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary

dandeli wildlife sanctuary
Completely a paradise for wildlife lovers, the second largest wildlife sanctuary in the state, the Dandeli wildlife sanctuary is one of those rare places where you can find all sorts of wildlife. The sanctuary is also home to some of the endangered species and there are rich forests that make the sanctuary. There are all sorts of animals here, including tigers, woodpecker, hornbill, kingfisher, leopards, and elephants and so on. March to October months is the best time to visit the Dandeli wildlife sanctuary. The sanctuary offers many activities including adventure tourism, bird watching, wildlife spotting, photography, and more. Best activity is the dandeli Jungle Safari which is loved by all age groups and all the visitors who take visit to Dandeli. Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is the perfect weekend getaway to let your hair down.

3.Syntheri Rocks

A 300 ft monolithic granite rock located within the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary has become a favorite tourist destination of Karnataka. Good place to visit because of its Scenic beauty. The monumental rock is 28 kms away from Dandeli town. There are about 200 steps that lead you down from where you can see a small waterfall which gives a perfect addition to the beauty of Syntheri rocks. Syntheri Rocks is situated close to the temple town of Ulavi and numerous tourists and pilgrims visiting the temple also visit this place. A trip to the Western Ghats surely warrants a jaunt to this beautiful place.

4.Kavala Caves

Kavala Caves, stand testimony to the nature and belong to the exotic type of destinations one must visit during one’s lifetime. Situated 25 kms from the base camp at Dandeli; you need to climb down 375 steps to reach the entrance where there is a temple. You have to crawl down 40 feet through winding, narrow tunnels to catch a glimpse of the Shivalinga formed naturally. Kavala Caves are limestone caves that came about due to a volcanic activity dating back to ages. The trek back from the caves is amazing as you can see the beautiful view of River Kali winding her way through the valley below. The best time of the year visit this place from October to February. Tourists who visit Kavala Caves also go for trekking.

5.Sykes Point

If you wish to experience nature in its true form and be completely mesmerized by it, then halt at Sykes point. There are many sights to behold, first, there is the vast Kali River flowing proudly down the valley, then there are the dense forests that seem to be happy with your presence, swinging to the flow of wind, and of course, there is a variety of wildlife to spot. You can reach the place either by jungle trekking in dandeli or via a jeep. Sykes Point is also a popular picnic spot.

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